Authored by Kiara Sharma

Whta is NOC Support?

A network operations center, or "NOC," is a centralized location where IT technicians directly support remote management and monitoring software efforts. NOC equipment is widely used in managed IT services and is an excellent service delivery controller for many MSPs. These technical teams closely monitor the terminals. They control and manage, solve problems independently and take precautionary measures to prevent many issues from occurring. NOC teams are also heavily involved in high-level security actions and support and disaster recovery (DR) efforts, ensuring 24/7 availability for customers 365 days a year. MSP.

NOC Support, which means Network Operations Center, deals with the technical analysis of problems related to the system and the features available in the corporate client networks. It is a territory in which he is primarily responsible for the operation of the primary services, supervision, monitoring, and maintenance of the telecommunications network.

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